Jokowi In Front Of The Minister : For The People, I Can Dismiss The Institution Or Reshuffle! – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) ordered the ranks of the cabinet to do extra work in dealing with the Corona virus pandemic.

Unmitigated Jokowi will also make a cabinet reshuffle if necessary.

“Once again, these extraordinary steps must be taken by us. And I open the name, whether it’s political steps, or steps to government. I will open it. Whatever extraordinary steps I will take. For 267 million of our people. For the country, “Jokowi said as directed to the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet in a limited meeting last June 18, 2020, as shown by YouTube Setpres on Sunday (6/28/2020).

Jokowi said he would also make a cabinet reshuffle if needed. Jokowi stressed he would take important steps to combat the Corona virus.

“It could be, dissolve the institution. It could be a reshuffle. I’ve been thinking about everywhere. I don’t know whether Perppu is even more important. If it is indeed necessary. he said.

Jokowi again emphasized that the extra step must be taken. While raising his hand, Jokowi asked his staff to understand and do the instructions he gave.

“It means that I will take extraordinary extraordinary actions. I think that’s what I can convey. I really ask the ladies and gentlemen to understand what I just said,” he said.

In addition, Jokowi asked for hard work and fast work to be needed. He also stressed that the law needs to be prepared in carrying out crisis management.

“Hard work, in an atmosphere like this is very necessary. Speed ​​in an atmosphere like this is very necessary. Actions outside the current standards are very necessary and crisis management. Once again if the legal umbrella is still needed I will prepare it. I think that,” he explained .

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