President Encourages Young Civil Service to Create a More Innovative Work Culture – President Joko Widodo reiterated the importance of speed and efficiency so that a country can compete in global competition. According to him, currently not a big country will defeat a small country, but a fast country that will defeat a slow country.

For this reason, while giving a mandate at the inauguration ceremony of young civil service graduates of the Institute of Internal Government (IPDN) virtually from Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Wednesday, July 29, 2020, the President encouraged the young civil service to create a more innovative work culture, faster, and efficient in bureaucracy.

“This is precisely where the problems of our government lie, too many rules that fetter themselves, too many procedures, too many stages of procedures. The bureaucracy has been trapped by difficult rules, which it made itself,” the President said.

The Head of State hoped that the young civil service could give different nuances and thoughts that helped spur the bureaucracy to take an efficient path with results oriented which was directly felt by the people. This must be done both in normal situations and during the current pandemic crisis.

“I invite you to oversee the change in new ways of working. From complicated, slow work methods to fast work methods. From many and complicated regulations, to few and simple regulations. From convoluted SOPs, to SOPs are easy and simple, “the President said.

According to the President, young civil servants are the future of government from the central level to remote villages. They are also the determinants of reform in their respective institutions.

“Your hands will carry out the adaptation and reform. Your heart will maintain the closeness with the people and serve the people. Your determination will strengthen Pancasila, NKRI, and Unity in Diversity,” said the President.

On this inauguration day, the President called for this to be a start for the darma service of the civil service for the country. This moment of inauguration is a time for young civil service officers to show their achievements as civil service serving the people.

“Show integrity, show your loyalty to the community, to the nation, and country. Show your intelligence and agility to face the changing times. Show your ability to provide a sense of justice and prosperity. Being a civil service will open a field of pride, service to the ideology of our country Pancasila, “for the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, for our constitution, and Unity in Diversity, and for an increasingly prosperous developed Indonesia,” the President said.

At the end of his mandate, the President reminded that the achievements of the young civil service could not be separated from the efforts of various parties, especially parents and lecturers, coaches, and caregivers on campus. For this reason, the President hopes that the young civil service will be grateful for the opportunity and support.

“Congratulations on the duty of the Indonesian Young Civil Servants. Keep learning to keep abreast of the times. Keep your integrity as a public servant, keep your honor as a State Servant, make Indonesia advance in the hands of your brothers and sisters,” said the President.

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