PKS Rejects School Plans Amid Corona Virus Pandemic

Member of the House of Representatives Commission IX PKS Faction Netty Prasetyani responded to the government's plan, especially about the opening of schools.

According to Netty, if schools are forced to open, it will be dangerous for the safety of the next generation. He does not want children to become guinea pigs to test the new normal policies that will be applied by the government. 

"Opening a school during a pandemic is tantamount to risking the lives of the next generation. We know, until now COVID-19 transmission has not been controlled, new cases continue happened, and the curve was also still not sloping, "Netty said in her written statement on Saturday (05/30).

I object if children are made into guinea pigs to test government policy. On behalf of love, care and partiality towards the future generation of the nation, I ask to postpone this policy.
"If you do not prepare all the supporting factors, then the school can become a new chain of transmission of COVID-19. 

We need to think about how children go to school, children interact with each other and teachers, the cleanliness of school facilities and infrastructure, regulate the ratio of the number of students per class, "Netty said. 

The PKS faction deputy chairman also asked the government to learn from France, which found 70 new cases when it decided to open a school. Moreover, he said, based on KPAI data, only 18 percent of schools were ready with the health protocol. "When France began to open schools, 70 new cases were found. While in South Korea there were 79 new cases. Do we want to be like that too? Don't try a policy where the stakes are lives," he said.

"This proves that the opening of schools today is dangerous and full of stakes, even many parents are worried that school openings will still be forced," concluded Netty.

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