Democratic Legislative Upholds Siti Nur Azizah In 2020 Election

Vice President Ma'aruf Amin's daughter, Siti Nur Azizah, was officially promoted by the Democratic Party in the South Tangerang City Election (Tangsel). Nur Azizah directly received the letter of condemnation at the Democratic DPP office, on Friday night, May 29, 2020 in Jakarta.

"Azizah is currently the main cadre of the Democrat Party. Therefore, without further ado, we recommend Azizah as a candidate for mayor of South Tangerang. Our target as instructed and mandated by Ketum, Mas AHY, is to win," said Banten Democratic DPD Secretary Eko Susilo, through Short message, Saturday May 30, 2020.

Nur Azizah will be accompanied by PKS politician, Ruhama Ben. Eko believes the pair will add to the long list of regional election wins in Banten, namely Iti Octavia in Lebak Regency, Arief Wismansyah in Tangerang City and Banten Governor, led by Wahidin Halim.

"God willing, even for South Tangerang, we hope that we will continue to record," he said.

Democrats formed a coalition with PKS, PKB and PAN in South Tangerang Election. The remaining PDIP, PSI and Gerindra have not made a choice yet. Golkar itself claims to support the Pillar with Benjamin Davnie as its candidate. 

Pilar is the son of Ratu Tatu Chasanah, the current chairperson of the Banten Golkar Regional Representative Council and the current Regent of Serang. Then Benjamin Davnie, mayor of South Tangerang, has two terms.
"There are still three PDIP parties, PSI, Gerindra. 

We will see what the political map will be like, whether three candidates, or two candidates," he said. Eko admitted that the popularity and electability of Nur Azizah, as the vice president's son, were already quite high when an internal survey was conducted. He believes that Azizah's level of fame and election will continue to increase, after the declaration later. "Because victory can be achieved with the right strategy," he explained.
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