Corona Virus Outbreak Is Very Far from End

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the corona virus pandemic is far from over. This after the daily addition of corona virus cases in the world reached the highest number.

WHO says 106,000 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours on Wednesday (5/20/2020).

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus specifically expressed concern about increasing infections in low and middle income countries.

The warning comes as the total number of cases nears 5 million.

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The gloomy milestone is likely to be achieved in less than two weeks after the world has passed the 4 million mark.

Experts warn that the true number of infections is likely to be much higher, because of the low testing rates in many countries that tilt the data.

More than 326,000 people are known to have died with the corona virus worldwide, according to a Johns Hopkins University search.

The US is still the most affected country, with more than 1.5 million cases and 92,000 deaths so far.

What does the WHO say?

“In the last 24 hours, there have been 106,000 cases reported to WHO – the most in one day since the outbreak began,” said dr. Tedros at a press conference on Wednesday.

“Nearly two-thirds of these cases are reported in only four countries,” he added.

Dr. Tedros then warned that the world still had a long way to go in this pandemic.

The warning was conveyed when a number of countries, including the US, began to relax restrictions on regional quarantine.

At the latest media meeting, Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO’s director of emergencies, also opposes the use of chloroquine and hydroxycloroquin drugs in connection with Covid-19.

He did so after US President Donald Trump said he had taken the drug in an effort to ward off the virus, even though his own public health officials had warned about its use.

“At this stage, (either) hydroxycloroquin or chloroquine have not been proven effective in the treatment of Covid-19, or in prophylaxis (prevention) not to develop this disease,” said Dr. Ryan.

“Actually, on the contrary, in that case a warning has been issued by many authorities regarding the potential side effects of the drug.”

Despite this concern, the Brazilian health ministry issued new guidelines on Wednesday that approved the wider use of the two drugs in the case of the mild symptoms of corona virus.

Brazil is currently headed by its third health minister in a few weeks, after the last two ministers disputed with President Jair Bolsonaro over his handling of the virus outbreak.

The country now records more than 270,000 confirmed Covid-19 infections, the third largest in the world, with an additional nearly 20,000 cases on Wednesday alone.

With experts warning that the country is still a few weeks away from reaching its peak, there are special concerns about the rapid spread of the virus in poor areas and indigenous peoples.

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