During Eid Mubarak Better With Family, Friend Only at Social Media

Muslims in Indonesia are advised with the family at home and do not need to receive visitors to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

“Maybe the guests who came with the virus, because many people now without symptoms,” said Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi in a press statement directly on the BNPB YouTube page, Thursday (05/21).

This appeal was issued amidst the attitude of some people who later reported tend to be “loose”, even though the social restriction policy still applies.

Later it was reported that there was a crowd in traditional markets and shopping centers, which was feared that there would be a surge in cases after Lebaran.

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The Minister of Religion further said that hospitality can be held through social media and does not have to meet physically.

“Gathering is not because of physical closeness, but because of the closeness of mind,” said Fachrul. “Many social media available now, for example, through cellphones.”

In Indonesia, during Lebaran, there is a tradition of visiting one another with extended family, neighbors, or partners.

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This practice is likely to decrease during an outbreak, although there is no guarantee that it will disappear altogether.

Here, Fahcrul Razi again reminded Muslims to keep abiding by health protocols during Eid.

In his statement, the minister of religion also appealed again for Muslims to pray Eid at their respective homes.

“Worship and hospitality can be done at home. The excitement should not be lost but still must avoid COVID-19,” he said.

He also appealed to the public not to hold a tour takbir on the eve of Eid. Takbiran can be done at home, he said.

“However, I also urge mosques and prayer rooms to continue to echo takbir through loudspeakers to enliven the Eid al-Fitr night,” he said.

Fachrul Razi also called again, which he emblazoned with a “loud cry”, so that the public would not go home.

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